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In·ter·tid·al : "The area between the land and sea that is covered by water at high tide and uncovered at low tide."


Alice began her photographic journey on the picturesque Monterey Peninsula. While growing up, she was inspired to pursue photography after meeting American icons of photography Ansel Adams, Brett Weston and Cole Weston in Carmel, CA.  Alice is a travel consultant by trade and a San Diego based photographer by craft.  Her devotion to photography spans the globe and 40+ years. Alice's images have been published in numerous travel lifestyle magazines and brochures, as well as displayed in private homes and offices.


About:Intertidal Photography© 

Alice's inspiration for her most recent portfolio, Intertidal Photography, centers around California's amazing coastal surf and intertidal zone. This endeavor is an intimate and California-sourced photographic project that highlights what many of us experience everyday "just below our feet".  


Whether its dawn patrol in Santa Cruz, or a low-tide stroll around San Diego beaches, seemingly simple beach experiences are brought to life in a wonderfully vibrant and elegant manner. 


This transformative photography and fine art has rarely been explored or displayed in one professional setting. With fine prints and impressions available for purchase, please take this opportunity to explore Alice Gerschler Photography! 








The images on this website are ©2014 Alice Gerschler Photography.

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